About us

The Idea

Krimcode started out with the idea to create a backpack with a unique style that complements formal dress codes and sets a trend on the executive floor. On the other hand, the casual lines created for leisure are a strong statement of style, energy and individuality.


We live in a fast-paced, ever evolving environment in pursuit of our goals. In doing so, we choose to express ourselves through our own personal style code. Krimcode is the fashion accessory for individuals who want to make an impact.


Krimcode’s contemporary design is defined by clear lines complementing subtle details, materials and colours. Meticulously crafted aesthetics combined with versatility make the bags a statement of style and a perfect match the attire of your choice.


Every Krimcode bag is made with carefully sourced materials, excellent craftsmanship and consideration for the most intricate of details. Krimcode guarantees the highest quality of standards with a lifetime warranty for each bag.



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